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All right, I found a new server - I hope this one does not fail me. I couldn't download anything from prohosting, I hope tripod works better.

Ok, I don't have all them tests. But I do have nine. Here they are. These are links to other helpful links, tips, and notes I've taken for these tests. Oh yeah, be sure to check out the recommendation section at the bottom of each page. Go to those links and steal stuff from other people - the alternative to actually taking notes.

AP World History - I took the pre AP class and then the AP exam. Got a 5. (10th)

AP European History - The class kicked my butt. It was such a blast though. Got a 5 (10th)

AP United States History - Got a 4 (grrr.. 11th) (oh yeah, I took the SAT II US History and got a 760 - which is actually the lowest of my 3 SAT II scores, but still pretty darn good, I thought. But Deborah did get an 800 - grrrrr...)

AP Art History - Got a 4 (grrr.... I misread the essays - don't do that! Only answered half of the prompt 11th)

AP English Lang/Comp - ummm.... Got a 5 (Whoppee! 11th)

AP Calculus AB - Self studied, which I thought was much more easier than the course. Got a 5 (11th)

AP Biology - BORING!!!!! Got a 5 (11th)

AP Computer Science AB - Um... The test is now given in JAVA, so I don't know how helpful this C++ review will be. Got a 5 (11th)

AP French - Um... I'm taking this right now, but I have a review which I started working on when I first started taking French. I've been basically adding to it and reorganizing it ever since. So here it is.

SAT - yeah... don't really have too much for you. Just a dinky vocab list. Actually, it's not so dinky - it has some 1000 words. Man, I'm such a nerd. Cool. I also have a hope-doling story for anybody troubled about the math portion. (got a 800M,750V, problem is Deborah and Allison BOTH beat me. And I took this test at the beginning of my junior year. I hope I've gotten smarter since then. I really should try for a perfect score. But everytime that Saturday rolls around, I roll right back to sleep. Go senioritis!)

College Essays - Ummm... well, I'm done with 'em. You can take a look if you want. With these, I got accepted to Yale (goin' to Yale baby) and University of Chicago - so they're not too crappy.

NOTES on Notes - some abbreviations I use in my notes: --> usually means go to; :-) means support; :-( means does not support; NW means no work or ineffective, GB is Great Britain, SU is Soviet Union, bc is become, b/c is because, => means led to or implies, ORV is Ohio River Valley, W is War, BUS is Bank o United States, RT is right, X means killed or destroyed or canceled, dn means down which can mean diminshed in power, up can mean power heightened, N/E/S/W means north/east/south/west, NE can mean Northeast, etc., Suff is suffrage, 3A is Triple Alliance; ! means importance or emphasized, pwr = power, Prot. Ref = Protestant Reformation, ind = independence/indian/industrial (you'll have to use context clues on this one); RC = Roman Cathlotic; Cath = Catholic; gov = government, nat'l = national; gov't = government, Gr = Greek; UC = upper class, MC = Middle class, LC = lower class, Germ = Germany; Parl = Parliament, Sci = Science, Rev = Revolution; It = Italy; Esp = especially; Est = established; Rel = Religion; Tol = Tolerance; Ag = Agriculture/Silver (depends on the context); Au = gold; ppl = people; W = War (100W = 100 year War, 30W = 30 years War); Amer = America; TO = take over; HRE = Holy Roman Empire; mil = military;

Tips on Writing HISTORY essays:
- use specific information. dates, places, specific names. In 1932, 4.3 trillion marks to 1 dollar marked the dire situation of Germany's inflation. <-- much better than "Before WWII, Germany had horrible inflation"
- memorize specific info (dates, numbers in general) - don't memorize everything in the book. Just a couple of statistics from each chapter.
- If your test gives you choices for essays - that kindda sortta means you don't have to study every period. Because if an essay came up with a period that you hate, you don't have to write it!
- Analyze situations to death. My favorite syntax is : [fact], depicting/symbolizing/heightening/exemplifing [opinion] (ex: The English navy defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588, foreshadowing a new era dominated by the British Empire)
- STATISTICS!!! They look like you know stuff.
- Make your own mnemonics - I made But Dad Said Fudge for phases of the 30 years war : Bohemian, Danish, Swedish, and Franco-Spanish. I still remember that. Then you can whip out something like: From 1618 to 1648, Europe was entangled in a 30 years war, further subdivided into the Bohemian phase, the Danish phase, the Swedish phase, and the Franco-Spanish phase, exemplifying the extent of the turmoil infecting all of Europe.
- learn to write fast

Read the book The Story of Mankind by Hendrik Williem Van Loon - if you have the time. It is witty and sumarizes world and especially european history quite well. You don't have the read the entire thing, just the chapters dealing with the sections of history you have trouble understanding. Excellent source for understanding THE BIG PICTURE!

I call this site Frappucino because I drank a whole lot of that during AP Cramfest 2002 and 2003, especially 2003. I have a pyramid of empty Starbucks bottles in my room as a memorial to the nerve cells lost in AP Cramfest 2003.

Tired of studying? Check out these!

-- download Snood - it's a fun game to play whenever you get tired of doing work

-- download Desktop Program - just to vent out frustration.

-- you wanna feel smarter? Read these. Actually go to - the entire site is hilarious

-- you'll never eat mentos the same way again. Click here. I don't remember the actual site's name - but I do remember downloading the file - so here it is. It's so freakin' funny!

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If you have any questions about my notes or whatever, see something wrong w/ the site that I should fix, or have trouble downloading something off of my recommendations secion, or whatever... e-mail me or AIM: ladyeudaimonia.