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AP English Lang/Comp

Hmph. I got 6's all year on my essays. Never a 5, never a 7. Can't really help you here. Learn to write better. All the BS or analyzation. I started working on my college essays and my writing improved more than it had in any class. Have fun!

Tips on writing ENGLISH essays:
- um... learn to BS
- pick something obscure and go on about it - write about something probably no one else will write about
- BS well
- active over passive sentences (you don't always have to follow this rule) : I ate an apple <-- better than "The apple was eaten"
- Insert little corny thoughts of wisdom every now and then "This is the life of a story, rather than the story of a life" <-- the teacher loved this, I was talking about how the stream of conciousness in Ceremony eliminates time so it just focuses on what happened instead of the order in which they happened in. Actually, I don't even know what I said - it just sounded cool and the teacher LOVED it. I really have no idea why I put that. It sounded profound. The teacher bought it. THIS IS GOOD BS!!

Tired of reading? Want to shorten the process? Go here!


Below are Cliff's Note type sites. They don't really help you write better, but if you don't want to read the book, they're the next best thing.
1. <-- excellent site. I like this because it gives full summary/analysis on one page. So you can just highlight the info and save it to a word doc and read it in your spare time in lieu of the actual book.
2. <-- good site, have lots of material and discussion boards.
3. <-- my 3rd favorite site