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AP Calculus AB

Wow, the actual class that my friends are taking now are so much more difficult than a self-studied course (me last year). Ha ha, I thought I was being all dilligent and whatnot but no - I did actually take the slacker's way out. Those idiots in the actual class learn WAY more than what is needed to get a 5 on the test. Crazy people.

Oh yeah, there's a couple of places in here which says "see other page" or something like that. I think it usually refers to the formula sheet you all should have in the front or back of your Calculus book - the one with all the derivatives and integral. Me, I used the one in the back of Princeton Review.

BTW: I self taught myself the AB course from the Princeton Review book. So I definitely recommend that one as an aid to studying and understanding the concepts. The Barron's book has some pretty tough questions and tests though (lots of them too) and that one really helped me score well. So Princeton Review for understanding and Barron's for practice and increasing your score.


  1. Princeton Review - the explanations here are SO GOOD!!!!
  2. Barrons - LOTS and LOTS of practice problems that are so much harder than the real test.
  3. <-- I think this is the really good site.