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AP United States History

Probably the worst out of the 4 history classes I've taken. 200 years spread out (but not really) is just not that interesting. This was the 5th AP test I took in a row so I was sufficiently pooped. I had 2 tests the day before. I did poorly. I attribute that to my exhaustion (also, I took this stupid course in the fall and didn't look at the material for a whole 4 monthes afterwards). Got a 4. (OK, after a 5 on AP Euro and World, I say this a poor - leave me alone! ^_^)

Test Reviews (stopped typing these after the Jacksonian democracy, just too boring)

  1. Beginnings - Very beginning up until 1775 (Ch. 1-5 in 11th edition of Bailey)
  2. Test Rev 2 - American Revolution (Ch. 6, 7, 8)
  3. Test Rev 3 - New Country up until 1800 (Ch. 9, 10)
  4. Test Rev 4 - Jefferson (Ch. 11)
  5. Test Rev 5 - This is a LONG one from 1808-1860 (Ch. 11-17) <-- HOWEVER: a part from the Jacksonian democracy chapter is missing

AP Reviews (these are weird. Didn't work as well as I planned. They are split into lists of people, places, groups, violence (rebellion, wars, etc), court cases. Oh! There's also a "question" section, which are questions that correspond with MY notes)

  1. Review 1 Up until 1836-ish
  2. Review 2 Up until 1887-ish
  3. Review 3 Up until now
  4. A list of Tariffs, Rebellions, Strikes, Panics, Propagandas, and more notes/question type thing
    I STRONGLY recommend this file.

Semester Review (just the 1st one)

Ok, I made .zip files for all my test reviews. Now, some of these .zip files have A LOT of stuff in them. Chances are - I didn't even look at all that stuff. I got most of it off of the sites listed below anyway. Didn't actually read them notes. You probably should do that. It's just that, at that point (towards the end of the semester) sleeping just seemed like SUCH a better alternative to staying awake. Not really sure what's in each cluster. It'll be a surprise. An adventure if you will.

Click on these to download them. Don't try the right click --> save target as. It didn't work for me, at least.

Cluster o Notes #1
Cluster o Notes #2
Cluster o Notes #3
Cluster o Notes #4
Cluster o Notes #5
Cluster o Notes #6
Cluster o Notes #7
Cluster o Notes #8
Cluster o Notes #9 - big file - this is basically all of 20th century.
Cluster o Notes #10 - this includes everything else - I would suggest downloading this file. Don't know exactly what's in it though. But I'm sure it's more usefule than those other files listed above.


  1. <-- download the CRAM PACKET it will save your life
  3. <-- GREAT SITE!!!!!
  4. REA Review book <-- 6 tests, yippee
  5. Princeton Review book