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AP European History

Took course as sophomore and made a 5. The teacher made is handwrite the notes so I don't have individual chapter notes on a file. I just have the test reviews or the AP reviews. I hope they are understandable. Some if these were typed late at night (most of them, actually). They aren't as continuous as the World history's notes. Some sections are missing. Jump around, I'm sure there's some sort of cohesion.

I recommend the Princeton Review book. They write good reviews.

AP Reviews (Book is written by Speilvogel <-- sp?)

  1. Late Middle Ages - Ch 11
  2. Renaissance - Ch 12
  3. Reformation and Catholic Counter-Ref - Ch 13 For Ch. 14, 15 See Test Review Section Below
  4. Scientific Rev, Enlightenment, 18th Century, Revolution & Nappy (Napoleon) - Ch 16,17,18,19 <-- after this, I stopped doing this See Test Review Section Below for some Stuff that Comes b/t Nappy and WWI
  5. WWI - I don't know why I jumped from Nappy to WWI, but it's done like that. Crazy huh?
  6. WWII, afterwards, and Late 1800s - Yeah, this one's weird - it has stuff from Ch 28,29, and 23 - random!
  7. blah - nevermind this link - it's same as above
  8. Cold War
  9. English Revolution (Elizabeth I - William & Mary)
  10. Princeton Review: Ch. 8 Questions - these questions correspond to the Princeton Review's study book. Actually, they are not questions but terms and such you should be able to look at and spurt out some facts about. A great way to study - whoo hoo!
  11. Princeton Review: Ch. 9 Questions
  12. Princeton Review: Ch 10 Questions
  13. Timeline
  14. Acronym/Mnemonic sheet
    Acronym/Mnemonic sheet 2
  15. Terms/Peoples
    Terms/Peoples (refined list, deleted all the names/terms that I knew)

Test Reviews

  1. Dunno where the file is
  2. Test Rev 2 - (Ch 14, 15) Age o Discovery/Expansion, Politix & Wars o Religion, Economic & Social Stagnation, 17th Cent Crisis: War and Rebel, Ch. 15 - Response to Crisis - Monarchies and such, Absolutism, World of 17th Cent. This one is a list of questions I asked myself. You probably won't understand it, but maybe you will. Worth a try.
  3. Test Rev 3 - (Ch. 20-21) Industrial Rev, 1815-1850 time,
    More Industrial Rev Stuff
  4. Dunno where the file is
    Russian Revolution
    Early 20th, late 19th Century Imperialistic Stuff
  5. Between WWI and WWII


  1. Study lots of facts - that's what gets you good grades on essays
  2. Get Princeton Review
  4. <-- BEST SITE EVER!!