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AP French

I have a vocab list. These are words that we use to talk about literature (depict, symbolise, analyse, adds to) and transitioinal terms (at first, in conclusion, nevertheless, however).

So here's THE French Review. (updated 2.9.04 - reorganized the demonstrative/relative pronoun section and added in the gerondif/present participle section)

Table of Contents of the file above:

Verb Tenses
- The 8 Main Time Tenses
Other Tenses
- Subjunctive
- Imperative, Passé lit.
List of Past Participles
Pronouns (aka the stuff before the verbs)
Other Stuff
- Si clauses
- Inversions
- Devoir
- Demonstrative Pronouns
- Relative Pronouns
- Present Participle v. Gerandif
Conjugation Charts
- Regular Verbs
- Four Verbs
- Other Important Verbs
- Inregular Verbs in Present
List o Verb's followed by de, à, or nothing